1. All About Shoes: 5 Unique Traditional Shoes from Around the World

    All About Shoes: 5 Unique Traditional Shoes from Around the World

    Look down and glance a peek at the shoes you’re wearing right now. Are they heels? Flats? Or maybe sneakers? Have you ever wondered which part of the world they are from? And when was the last time you stopped and thought about the trend that the shoes on your feet were partaking in?

    What you must realize is that shoes aren’t just a fashion statement. Rather, they are a window to the culture of those who wear them daily on their two feet. Though heels, sneakers and flats can be found everywhere you go, every culture has specific types of footwear that were built especially for the fulfillment of their needs. These also make an important part of what makes their costumes unique and ethnic. 

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  2. Footwear That Compliments your Ethnic Outfits

    Footwear That Compliments your Ethnic Outfits

    With Diwali right around the corner, we got to start picking out the right clothes for the festivity. Well, that’s going to be quite an easy job as we can pick out the latest festive designs from the stores which look smart as well as fit the festive occasion. The biggest challenge of dressing up in desi wear is finding the right pair of shoes to complement your fashion ensemble. It’s not like you can just slip into your everyday sneakers or flats with your salwaar suit or saree.

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  3. What to Look for in Good Quality Shoes

    What to Look for in Good Quality Shoes

    You see a beautiful pair of shoes.

    They are of perfect style, great fit and very flexible.

    So…obviously you get them.

    2-5 months pass and then what do you see?

    The beautiful pair of shoes is now worn out.

    This is a common tale that many men experience. 

    There’s an expression that goes, “it’s about quality, not quantity.” The numbers of shoes you own doesn’t matter as much as their quality.

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  4. Shoe Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

    There are many that state that shoes are the most crucial part of an outfit, especially when it c

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  5. 4 Shoes That Can Be Worn at Every Occasion

    Do you have a fetish for shoes of all shapes and colours, but limited space in your closet prevents you
    from buying new ones?

    Well, worry not. If you are stocked up with any of the basic kinds, you can easily pull off any look to go
    with them. Here are four of the most versatile shoes that you can wear anywhere.

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  6. 5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Feet Stench-free At Work

    If you sleep well and fight well with sleep the following day, you are sure to show up at work on time. Now, everything goes well and suddenly you feel something bothering your feet. This is when after many tries of resisting yourself from not letting your feet with socks come out of their shelter, you will remove your shoes and see what has been bothering your feet. You surprisingly would feel no trouble in your feet and everyone would feel troubled by the stinky smell from your feet that have just found an opening. A day that started so well would make you wish for the non-existence of such a day. If you have faced such an embarrassing situation already, get over it by hovering the cursor or your finger over the below-mentioned tips which can protect your feet from producing the stinky smell.

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  7. 5 things to keep in mind before buying your next shoe

    Investing in a good shoe is important since you will be wearing it for the longest time, spending
    your time walking running, stretching. What people forget most times is finding the right amount
    of trade-off between fashion and comfort. But don't you worry because here is a list of things
    you can keep in mind before investing in a good pair of shoe.

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  8. Veganism: How it All Started

    Evolutionarily speaking, humans have been omnivores for the longest time. So meat has been a way of life long before we made it a conscious choice. However, as we evolved and learned more, we also realized that there are more efficient - and sometimes more ethical - ways of doing things. That’s how we gradually began to settle, civilize and create agricultural societies, use innovative tools and start a whole new chapter in life.

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  9. Get your feet summer ready

    Get your feet summer ready

    Summer is coming. The very statement paints a visual of us enjoying an exotic vacation, leisurely sipping on a glass of martini on Instagram ready beach shores. But the reality is loading your shelves with tons of sunscreen, hunting for unused shades, unearthing the umbrella that has been gathering dust.

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  10. Shoes that will take 2018 by a Storm

    It’s that time of the year! 2018 has a great line of predictions for the year ahead. From Paris to New York, the runways are swarming with collections that are going to level up the fashion game. Click to know more!

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